Sony Next Generation Portable(NGP)

I heard about this yesterday, at first I don't believe but when I search about this on youtube I already believed and amazed. I thought that Sony will just stop on the Sony PSP GO but they made the Next Generation Portable(NGP). I think this will be a really good thing for gadget lovers. When I see the appearance its kinda weird because it has 2 analog. but the thing that makes this gadget cool is the CPU and the multi touch pad. The CPU is ARM® Cortex™-A9 core (4 core) and that is awesome for a portable gadget like this. I still don't know when will it be release.

this is the full specs:

Introduction to my self and this blog

I should introduce first my self. I'm Angelo Wagan from Philippines and 16 years of age. I'm on my last year of high school now and hopefully graduate this march. I like to learn and develop many things like playing drums, playing piano, creating a computer program and a lot more that interest me. Also I like to develop weird things like lucid dreaming (Being conscious that you are dreaming.) because I like to make my life a fantasy and I also want to see ghosts but I can't seem to find them. I also like gadgets but I cant buy them even though I want. But if I really like to buy a gadget that really impress me, I'll save 70% of my allowance then buy it as soon as possible.

For now i'm working with my jhelocomputer blog but it seems that I can't find interesting topics now about computers so I made this blog. Actually I already tried to create a personal blog but it didn't work. I just made 5 post then delete the blog. Now in this blog I'll post things that are now trending to teenagers like me. For example latest movies, latest gadgets, Music and more. I'll post also local trends like Philippine celebrities, Pinoy jokes, Pinoy pick-up lines and more about pinoy stuff.

 Hopefully this blog will be successful with your help.

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