Jose Manalo Funny Impersonation as Budoy and Willie Revillame

Jose Manalo as Willie Revillame Parody

Jose Manalo as Budoy Parody

Actor Found Dead: Tyron Perez an ABS-CBN Star Magic Talent

Just today(December 29, 2011), It was spreading on facebook that Tyron Perez(26 y.o),
an ABS-CBN Star Magic Talent, was found dead in Valenzuela. He was in an abandon car when he was found. The rumors said that he committed a suicide but in a news, they said that his cause of his death is not yet confirmed.

The Funny Reality Why You Can't Sleep at Night

This is so true to me(I don't know others) because when I can't sleep or before I sleep, when just laying in my bed, many things pops in my mind and I can't help stop imagining things and thoughts that will not happen. Sometimes it take me hours before I can sleep and stop those imaginations. FYI I'm not taking drugs, LOL!

Comment below if you can relate to this.

Anyways, the picture is from, really funny website full of funny pictures.

Japanese Star Maria Ozawa Staying in the Philippines? Real or Not?

Maria Ozawa is on of the most popular japanese porn star on earth especially here in the Philippines(LOL). So many guys like her because she's hot and beautiful.

Teach Me How to Dougie Filipino Version: TURUAN MO 'KO NYAN (Please!) by: Blanktape & Diorap

Share ko lang tong napakinggan ko, Ang alam ko na feature na to sa T.V. 
Hahaha astig talaga ng mga pinoy pag dating sa rap. Hanga ako sa kanila. Nakakatawa pero astig talaga.

Download link at lyrics dito sa baba.

I Just Register in PayPerPost

We are quite happy to cut it into many small useful pieces

Mo Twister and Rhian Ramos Video Scandal

If you are aware of Mo Twister and Rhian Ramos controversial videos spreading in the internet then here are some of the videos, just want to show them to you. I don't have any comments with their actions all I can say is they know what they are doing.
I am just conscious whats with the hot issue.

Merry Christmas Fellow Bloggers!

Merry Christmas and a Happy new Year to all of my fellow bloggers. Thank you for always visiting and supporting my blog. Hope we'll continue helping each other and be friends.

Happy Birthday Jesus Christ!

Shout Mix Free Services will Stop

If you are a shout mix user, you may notice above the chat box saying "Shoutbox Expiring".

Shout mix founder just announced that their free chat box will become paid chat box. It's sad to say but shout mix is free for almost 7 years and really had a great impression to the users.

Shout mix's price will not be a big deal, 0.99$/month and premium is 1.67$/month. 

How to Remove Facebook's Annoying Spam Message Virus

You might be tricked to click what your friend posted on your wall like a hundred times.
They make a shit like this just to increase the traffic of their site and make money in a bad way, they don't even think people they annoy.

How to remove

For Firefox Browser:
1.) Ctrl + Shift + A then go to Extensions Tab
2.) Remove the plugin that you install.(in the video "Free Cheese Cake blah blah..")
3.) Restart Firefox!

For Google Chrome Browser:
1.) Go to Options then extension Tabs
2.) Look for that plugin that you installed
3.) Restart Google Chrome

NOTE: Not all spam viruses are like this but this is just one of their tricks.

Facebook Chat's Cool Tricky Emoticons

Someone in my facebook shared this cool custom face emoticons for facebook chat. At first I don't believe but when I try, It really works!

I just figure it how this emoticons work, the number inside the braces are facebook id. so if you type your facebok id inside the braces( [[fbid]] ), it will show your profile picture. So the numbers below are only facebook id pages and there is no secret trick at all.

Open your notepad or any text editor and save this codes:
[[171108522930776]] - Trollface 
[[164413893600463]] - Me Gusta 
[[218595638164996]] - Bitch please
[[189637151067601]] - LOL 
[[129627277060203]] - Poker face 
[[227644903931785]] - Forever Alone 
[[100002752520227]] - Okay.. 
[[105387672833401]] - Fuck Ya
[[100002727365206]] - Challenge Accepted 
[[224812970902314]] - Fuck..

Pinoy Siri: Vangie by Macapuno Systems

Feel Free to comment below!

How to Download PBA 2K11 MOD for NBA 2K11(PC)

PBA 2k11 is a fun to play basketball game especially for those who know the basketball league's in the Philippines, PBA, NCAA, and UAAP . The MOD is really good, the developers really did a great job in making the rosters, jersey's, and they are still improving it.

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