College Life!

Only two weeks remaining and my new life will start. The collage life. I'm so excited about this but I'm more nervous because I don't have idea what will happen on my college life. I should not really think so hard about this because I know it will go smoothly.

10 Funny But Useful Inventions

I found this really funny inventions yet useful for you to live. Here are some picture of the Funny inventions.

How to Delete Unknown Facebook Friends

You maybe added by a facebook account of someone you don't know and you accept the request but they doesn't seem bothering you to know you or chat with you. They maybe stalkers or they may use your personal information to scam or trick someone. So now you want to delete them to your friend list so they can't access your personal informations.

Lenovo G475 Review

Recently I purchased a new Lenovo G475 laptop. This costs Php20,995 for this good specs of laptop. I don't regret buying this instead of the NEO core i3 laptop because I know that I can get a good service from Lenovo.

What are CPU Cores and Threads

So what basically is an CPU cores and threads?
The CPU core is the number of the main CPU per processor. For example, the CPU has 2.2 ghz so if you have 2 cores then you have two of 2.2 ghz. So basically there are 2 CPU inside a CPU.
The more cores more faster computer and can perform Multi-Tasking.

What are threads? In a core there is always a thread. Thread is the communication between the CPU's. Threading is allowing the processor to work with other different operations at the same time.

Is it good to buy a NEO laptop?

Recently i purchase a Lenovo G475 laptop that costs Php 21,000. But before that I make a research for a laptop that costs 15k - 20k php and I saw this NEO laptop brand that sells cheap but good sepcs of laptop.

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