Jose Manalo Funny Impersonation as Budoy and Willie Revillame

Jose Manalo as Willie Revillame Parody

Jose Manalo as Budoy Parody

Actor Found Dead: Tyron Perez an ABS-CBN Star Magic Talent

Just today(December 29, 2011), It was spreading on facebook that Tyron Perez(26 y.o),
an ABS-CBN Star Magic Talent, was found dead in Valenzuela. He was in an abandon car when he was found. The rumors said that he committed a suicide but in a news, they said that his cause of his death is not yet confirmed.

The Funny Reality Why You Can't Sleep at Night

This is so true to me(I don't know others) because when I can't sleep or before I sleep, when just laying in my bed, many things pops in my mind and I can't help stop imagining things and thoughts that will not happen. Sometimes it take me hours before I can sleep and stop those imaginations. FYI I'm not taking drugs, LOL!

Comment below if you can relate to this.

Anyways, the picture is from, really funny website full of funny pictures.

Japanese Star Maria Ozawa Staying in the Philippines? Real or Not?

Maria Ozawa is on of the most popular japanese porn star on earth especially here in the Philippines(LOL). So many guys like her because she's hot and beautiful.

Teach Me How to Dougie Filipino Version: TURUAN MO 'KO NYAN (Please!) by: Blanktape & Diorap

Share ko lang tong napakinggan ko, Ang alam ko na feature na to sa T.V. 
Hahaha astig talaga ng mga pinoy pag dating sa rap. Hanga ako sa kanila. Nakakatawa pero astig talaga.

Download link at lyrics dito sa baba.

I Just Register in PayPerPost

We are quite happy to cut it into many small useful pieces

Mo Twister and Rhian Ramos Video Scandal

If you are aware of Mo Twister and Rhian Ramos controversial videos spreading in the internet then here are some of the videos, just want to show them to you. I don't have any comments with their actions all I can say is they know what they are doing.
I am just conscious whats with the hot issue.

Merry Christmas Fellow Bloggers!

Merry Christmas and a Happy new Year to all of my fellow bloggers. Thank you for always visiting and supporting my blog. Hope we'll continue helping each other and be friends.

Happy Birthday Jesus Christ!

Shout Mix Free Services will Stop

If you are a shout mix user, you may notice above the chat box saying "Shoutbox Expiring".

Shout mix founder just announced that their free chat box will become paid chat box. It's sad to say but shout mix is free for almost 7 years and really had a great impression to the users.

Shout mix's price will not be a big deal, 0.99$/month and premium is 1.67$/month. 

How to Remove Facebook's Annoying Spam Message Virus

You might be tricked to click what your friend posted on your wall like a hundred times.
They make a shit like this just to increase the traffic of their site and make money in a bad way, they don't even think people they annoy.

How to remove

For Firefox Browser:
1.) Ctrl + Shift + A then go to Extensions Tab
2.) Remove the plugin that you install.(in the video "Free Cheese Cake blah blah..")
3.) Restart Firefox!

For Google Chrome Browser:
1.) Go to Options then extension Tabs
2.) Look for that plugin that you installed
3.) Restart Google Chrome

NOTE: Not all spam viruses are like this but this is just one of their tricks.

Facebook Chat's Cool Tricky Emoticons

Someone in my facebook shared this cool custom face emoticons for facebook chat. At first I don't believe but when I try, It really works!

I just figure it how this emoticons work, the number inside the braces are facebook id. so if you type your facebok id inside the braces( [[fbid]] ), it will show your profile picture. So the numbers below are only facebook id pages and there is no secret trick at all.

Open your notepad or any text editor and save this codes:
[[171108522930776]] - Trollface 
[[164413893600463]] - Me Gusta 
[[218595638164996]] - Bitch please
[[189637151067601]] - LOL 
[[129627277060203]] - Poker face 
[[227644903931785]] - Forever Alone 
[[100002752520227]] - Okay.. 
[[105387672833401]] - Fuck Ya
[[100002727365206]] - Challenge Accepted 
[[224812970902314]] - Fuck..

Pinoy Siri: Vangie by Macapuno Systems

Feel Free to comment below!

How to Download PBA 2K11 MOD for NBA 2K11(PC)

PBA 2k11 is a fun to play basketball game especially for those who know the basketball league's in the Philippines, PBA, NCAA, and UAAP . The MOD is really good, the developers really did a great job in making the rosters, jersey's, and they are still improving it.

Amazing 6th Grader Kid Creating iPhone Apps

This kid is Thomas Suarez, a 6th grader at a middle school in South Bay of Los Angeles. He start creating iPhone application when the Software Development Kit(SDK) was released by the apple. Thomas already learn different programming languages before creating iPhone apps. He already learned Java, C, and Python. He was fascinated to the technology of iPhone and wondered how iPhone apps are created so he decided learn it.

Juan Manuel Marquez Dirty Trick Against Manny Pacquiao

When we are watching the Pacquiao - Marquez 3 live fight last November 13, 2011 , some may not notice and some may notice the foot of Juan Manual Marquez stepping on Manny Pacquiao's foot. Hmmmm... Is it intentional or not? This video will show how Marquez uses his trick.

Games Played on My Lenovo G475 Laptop

Just an overview of games played on my Lenovo G475 laptop. I will show you videos on how the games are performing on this laptop.

Samsung Galaxy Y Specifications and Price in Philippines

Samsung Galaxy "Y"or Young is one of the cheap android phones in the market. Unlike others, this Galaxy Y is more smaller but it is more handy because it is still a android phone where you can install allot of applications that can be downloaded.

Watch Pacquiao and Marquez III on November 13 2011

I just missed the registration for Pacquiao vs Marquez III on PLDT watchpad because only plan users 1995php and 3000php are allowed to watch it free without registration while the plans below 1995php need to register before they can watch the fight.

How to Get/Download Openkore and its Basic Configurations

In this post, I will guide you how to download the latest ragnarok openkore for renewal and its basic configurations. All the download links will given here are from the original website of Openkore so you don't have to worry about keylogger because some people creates a macro keylogger plugin for Openkore bot.

Hexed/Dual Client for Philippine Ragnarok Online(For Valkyrie, Valhalla, and New Loki servers)

I just recently again played pRO Valkyrie last week because I already figured it out how to properly use the openkore BOT program for Ragnarok online. So while surfing the net and looking for tips, I saw this page on facebook "Botter ako, paramihan tayo?(BAPT)"  where they help other filipino pRO botters out there on how to use the bot and the page "Ragnarok Valkyrie Server(RVS)" where they also help and a market place for pRO valkyrie players. The admin of this page hexed the client and spread it out to other players.

How to enable Facebook Video Chat

Facebook just launched their new feature, the Video Chat powered by skype. That's really great to know that they already implement video chatting in facebook. But some countries are not yet available in this feature but maybe soon it will. It is also kinda slow unlike skype but still good for normal uses.

5 Free Website Tutorials for Web Design & Development

Some people are looking for websites that will teach how to create web sites or web design. There are plenty of websites to choose but these are the top 5 site that I found very useful.

Jerzon Senador Animal Cruelty: Hanging Puppy

I saw this topic spreading in Facebook, twitter, and blogs. I don't know why'd he need to hang his dog after taking him to bath. Some facebook pages spread the album named "Bagung ligo si "PUPPY"" so facebook users saw the album and now he's really popular for doing that animal cruelty.

Jerzon Senador is still arrogant for doing that thing that lead him to be hated by many people especially animal lovers.

Peso Bills Hidden Message

I really find this funny, I just find it on one of the page i liked on facebook.
I don't know who made this but this is really funny.

Download 80+ Samsung Corby and Champ Games

I have downloaded games for my Samsung Corby S3653 games pack. It's an 80+ games for JAVA enabled touchscreen samsung phones.
Enjoy all games included in this pack. I still maybe adding more games so visit this often.

Dr. José Rizal 150th Birth Anniversary

Today is Jose Rizal's sesquicentennial anniversary or the 150th birthday. José Rizal was born in 1861 at Calamba, Laguna so I'am really proud that I'm an Calambeño. Jose Rizal fought the conqueror of our country not by physical but by his works, the famous No li Me Tanghere and the El Filibusterismo.

Miley Cyrus Live in Manila: "Corazon Gitano Tour"

Last June 17, 2011, Miley Cirus a great international singer visited the Philippines. The concert is held at SM Mall of Asia concert grounds. I'am not a really big fan of her but I like her songs. I didn't come in the concert but I'd wished that I'am there because you know it's really great to see popular singers like her that will visit your country at only a limited time.

Play Angry Birds Online

Nowadays I heard that angry birds is a great game for all ages. I have a copy of the angry birds in my PC but GOOGLE make an online version of this so you won't need to buy the game anymore. It is free to play so don't expect everything will be good though it is more likely the PC version of angry birds. It's still on beta so the game may still improve.

Play Angry Birds Online now!

How to Create Favicon in Photoshop

I already made a tutorial on how to change the bloggers favicon into your own favicon. So now, how will you make your own favicon. This is just very easy if you read the steps carefully. Favicon also makes your blog more beautiful.

How to Change Blogger's Default Favicon

Are you bored in the old blogger default favicon? Then why not change it if you can! Favicon is one mostly use by web developers because it increases the beauty of a website. As you can see, I already change my old blogger favicon into new custom favicon that I made in photoshop. I will also make a tutorial on how to create an favicon in photoshop.

Pinoy Made Social Networking Site: Prendstah

We all know that facebook already grow so fast, and the filipino's favorite social networking site, friendster already gone down. Because as time goes on, friendster users are amused to facebook's applications, games, built-in chat, and other features so they migrated to facebook and leave friendster behind. Now I found this great Pinoy made social networking site. The developers are from Xavier University - Ateneo de Cagayan and also they are the developers of Zäbyër Community(Xavier University Community).

How to Remove Facebook Email Notifications

I just logged in into my public email and I saw a bunch of not important emails, spam, and facebook notifications. I know that half of that emails are only facebook notification, now we all wanted to stop this notifications because it just mixed up with other email that maybe more important than the facebook notifications. And yes, you can already see your notifications through faebook, so why you need to send this to your email?

Novinture: A Free Stunning High Quality Blogger Template

This is another great stunning template by This is a magazine style template with left sidebar and 4 column footer. It already have retweet and share buttons on every post. The comments style is very professional.

10 Funny Facebook Facts

Here are some funny facebook facts from the blog Social Mixer and summarized by Stumblerz blog

Facebook FBML: Show Visitors Name

This is an cool trick for your facebook page. This will show the visitors name on your page FBML tab.

This is the code you need to put into your FBML tab:
<h1>Hello <fb:userlink uid="loggedinuser" />! Thank you for visiting my Page!</h1>

Sony NGP: PlayStation Vita, the New and More Powerful PSP

Sony announces their new PSVita. This will be release worldwide by late 2011. It has a quad-core CPU and multi-touch pad, The one on the back and one on the front, the screen. It has 5' inch OLED touch screen.

College Life!

Only two weeks remaining and my new life will start. The collage life. I'm so excited about this but I'm more nervous because I don't have idea what will happen on my college life. I should not really think so hard about this because I know it will go smoothly.

10 Funny But Useful Inventions

I found this really funny inventions yet useful for you to live. Here are some picture of the Funny inventions.

How to Delete Unknown Facebook Friends

You maybe added by a facebook account of someone you don't know and you accept the request but they doesn't seem bothering you to know you or chat with you. They maybe stalkers or they may use your personal information to scam or trick someone. So now you want to delete them to your friend list so they can't access your personal informations.

Lenovo G475 Review

Recently I purchased a new Lenovo G475 laptop. This costs Php20,995 for this good specs of laptop. I don't regret buying this instead of the NEO core i3 laptop because I know that I can get a good service from Lenovo.

What are CPU Cores and Threads

So what basically is an CPU cores and threads?
The CPU core is the number of the main CPU per processor. For example, the CPU has 2.2 ghz so if you have 2 cores then you have two of 2.2 ghz. So basically there are 2 CPU inside a CPU.
The more cores more faster computer and can perform Multi-Tasking.

What are threads? In a core there is always a thread. Thread is the communication between the CPU's. Threading is allowing the processor to work with other different operations at the same time.

Is it good to buy a NEO laptop?

Recently i purchase a Lenovo G475 laptop that costs Php 21,000. But before that I make a research for a laptop that costs 15k - 20k php and I saw this NEO laptop brand that sells cheap but good sepcs of laptop.

Sony Next Generation Portable(NGP)

I heard about this yesterday, at first I don't believe but when I search about this on youtube I already believed and amazed. I thought that Sony will just stop on the Sony PSP GO but they made the Next Generation Portable(NGP). I think this will be a really good thing for gadget lovers. When I see the appearance its kinda weird because it has 2 analog. but the thing that makes this gadget cool is the CPU and the multi touch pad. The CPU is ARM® Cortex™-A9 core (4 core) and that is awesome for a portable gadget like this. I still don't know when will it be release.

this is the full specs:

Introduction to my self and this blog

I should introduce first my self. I'm Angelo Wagan from Philippines and 16 years of age. I'm on my last year of high school now and hopefully graduate this march. I like to learn and develop many things like playing drums, playing piano, creating a computer program and a lot more that interest me. Also I like to develop weird things like lucid dreaming (Being conscious that you are dreaming.) because I like to make my life a fantasy and I also want to see ghosts but I can't seem to find them. I also like gadgets but I cant buy them even though I want. But if I really like to buy a gadget that really impress me, I'll save 70% of my allowance then buy it as soon as possible.

For now i'm working with my jhelocomputer blog but it seems that I can't find interesting topics now about computers so I made this blog. Actually I already tried to create a personal blog but it didn't work. I just made 5 post then delete the blog. Now in this blog I'll post things that are now trending to teenagers like me. For example latest movies, latest gadgets, Music and more. I'll post also local trends like Philippine celebrities, Pinoy jokes, Pinoy pick-up lines and more about pinoy stuff.

 Hopefully this blog will be successful with your help.

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