Versiglia Ragnarok Online - 3rd Job 1500x/1500x/100% Come and join!

My 2 high school friends and me decided to start a Ragnarok online private server. We named it before our class section "Versiglia". Actually we already planned about it during our high school days but we can't afford to buy a VPS host.

And now we're already college, we planned again and agreed to start this now. so here, Versiglia RO or for short Ver RO, Come and join us! :)

VerRO team
*Admin* Angelo
*Admin* Briane
*GM* Vette

Website: Versiglia RO Control Panel
Facebook Page: Versiglia Ragnarok Private Server
Write a review on rate my server: Review our server on RMS!

Pinoy Big Brother Season 4 "FUNtastic Kick-off" First Batch of Teen Housemates

Sila na nga ang mga unang batch ng housemates na pumasok sa bahay ni kuya! Subaybayan sila sa kanilang gawagagawin sa bahay ni kuya sa pag like ng page ng PBBTEENLIVE Abangan ang second batch ng housemates bukas April 9, 2012 sa PBB Teen Edition 4 Uber!

Male Housemates:

Tom - Bukid Prince ng Davao

Roy - Boy sipag ng Naga

Ryan - Pilyong Binatilyo ng Angeles

Yves - Masunuring Son ng Tarlac

Vincent - Bunso'y Tisoy ng Rizal

Alec - Tsino Gwapito ng Laguna

Kit - Kid Tangkad ng Pampanga

Female Housemates:

Joj & Jai - Double Diva ng Bacolod

Possible Pinoy Big Brother Teen Edition Season 4 Housemates

PBB Teen Edition season 4 will start on april 9 2012 and I am excited because it's teen edition. I am excited because I can realate to them cause they're in line with my age. I will post updates and maybe live streaming when PBB Teen edition season 4 starts. Now I will just show you the rumored Pinoy Teen housemates.

Pera sa Blog??

Naniniwala ka ba na pwedeng kumita sa internet?? Mahilig ka mag sulat ng kung anu anung bagay na kinahihiligan nyo?? Pa-Upo upo lang, pa type type lang tungkol sa bagay na interesado ka. Hindi masamang subukan ang pag ba-blog! Ako nag eenjoy ako sa pag ba-blog kasi nai-shashare ko sa mga taong gumagamit ng internet kung anong kinahihiligan ko na pwede nilang makuhanan ng impormasyon. Sa pag ba-blog rin pwede kang kumita sa pag lalagay ng ads sa blogsite mo.

8-bit Google Maps For NES Gaming System

SimSimi Arrested by the Police

The popuplar chatting bot-mate in the world has been caught in act. 

Funny Mick Pinnisi's Head Ball Late Reaction

Get Paid by Answering Captcha Images for Free

Recently, I registered in this site because I find this interesting and I think I can have some income with this. Of course I and others who will register here need to be hard-working and has passion to this.
It is for free! Doesn't ask for any credit card numbers! So try it out, you may like it!

The Story of Man Who Marries His Dead Girlfriend

I want to share this very inspiring story that I've read about love.

Man Marries his Dead Girlfriend

I’m sure most of you have seen movies such as A Walk to Remember, PS I Love You and The Notebook, and you cried whether you want to admit it or not.

Recently, there was a real life tragic love story that you might be seeing in movie theaters soon.

29-year old Sarinya Kamsook and her 28-year old boyfriend, Chadil Deffy were in love for 10 years. They wanted to get married a couple of years back, but Chadil Deffy wanted to finish his education before he got married. Sarinya also had a very busy schedule, so they decided to give it some time.

Deffy finally finished his schooling, and they decided to start planning the wedding.

Days were going by faster and faster for the couple, and before they knew it, their wedding was a couple of days away. Sarinya was so excited and anxious that she would count the days to her wedding, but her countdown came to a shocking halt.

Tragedy struck the couple just days before their wedding.

Sarinya Kamsook was in a terrible car accident that left her seriously injured. She was rushed to the hospital where she had to wait 6 hours in the ICU because it was overly crowded. During her wait, the injuries became unbearable and Sarinya passed away.

Deffy was devastated by this news, but he wanted to make sure that his girlfriend got what she always wanted.

He decided to marry her dead corpse on January 4th, the day their wedding was originally planned for. The event took place in Surin, a city in northern Thailand. A couple of their friends and family attended the wedding. Deffy placed the ring on her finger and kissed her saying ” I do.” The entire wedding was broadcasted live on Television in Thailand.

So he married his dead girlfriend, and then he had to bury her days after.

UST @400 Years: Closing Pyromusical Fireworks

Last January 27, 2012, UST(University of Santo Tomas), the oldest school in Philippines celebrated their 400 years and one of the most awaited part of this event is the Pyromusical Fireworks display.

Katy Perry Kissed Ivan Dorschner in Her Concert at Manila

OMG! Lucky Ivan :D

Tetris Battle Unlimited Perfect Clear Hack

While me and my friends are playing tetris battle using my FB account. One of my friend invites me to play. At first we thought that she was just a beginner but after some time, she make like 6 perfect clears and knock's me out so fast. So we wondered if it is a hack or she just knew how to make a perfect clear.

Goodbye Megaupload: U.S. Officials Shuts Down Megaupload

Just today, I've read an article about the Megaupload shuts down and on that post, they said that megaupload, one of the best file-sharing sites in the world, was shut down by the US officials because of $500 Million of copyright contents.

Angeline Quinto Natapilok sa Performance nya sa ASAP Rocks [Jan 8 2012]

Si Angeline Quinto ay natapilok/natalisod habang nakanta sa ASAP Rocks. Pero kahit na natapilok sya tuloy parin ang pag kanta nya.

PS Vita Available at SM Calamba

Just a week a go, while hanging out with my friends at SM Calamba, we visit a game console shop(I FORGOT THE NAME. -_-, I'll post the shop name when I come back there.) and me just joking my friends inside the store that there is already a PS Vita available here in the Philippines, one of the sales man there heard me and said that they have a stock of PS Vita there. We are surprised because we didn't expect that PS Vita will be available there. We saw the package of the console. They sell it for 21,665php(WiFi + 3G) and 20,000php (WiFi Only). They also have PS Vita games available there. I'll post the picture of the store and their PS Vita when I come back there.

Gerald Anderson and Jose Manalo: Budoy Meets Unggoy

Funny video of Jose Manalo and Gerald Anderson acting as Budoy. They are in a charity game event to help the victims of bagyong sendong.

A Group of Women was Abused by 4 Men

I don't know what country is this, but what the F*** are they doing? They treat girls as animals, those guys really annoys me, I don't care what is going on there but they shouldn't treat those girls like that.

(amateur video)

Will You Ignore this?

Reblog this if you can't deny God.

Thank You 2011... Welcome 2012!

Natapos nanaman ang isang taon ng saya, lungkot at pagsubok. Sa pag tatapos ng 2011, hindi ko masasabing malaki ang ipinag bago ko pero dahil sa mga experience na nangyari sa taong ito, may mga natutunan akong aral na pwede kong balikbalikan at gawing way para magbago o mag mature ako.

Ishashare ko lang sainyo ang mga masasayang moments na kasama ko ang mga mahahalaga at mga mahal kong tao sa buhay.

37th Metro Manila Film Festival 2011: List of Awards and Winners

The list of MMFF 2011 awards and winners.

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