Amazing 6th Grader Kid Creating iPhone Apps

This kid is Thomas Suarez, a 6th grader at a middle school in South Bay of Los Angeles. He start creating iPhone application when the Software Development Kit(SDK) was released by the apple. Thomas already learn different programming languages before creating iPhone apps. He already learned Java, C, and Python. He was fascinated to the technology of iPhone and wondered how iPhone apps are created so he decided learn it.

Juan Manuel Marquez Dirty Trick Against Manny Pacquiao

When we are watching the Pacquiao - Marquez 3 live fight last November 13, 2011 , some may not notice and some may notice the foot of Juan Manual Marquez stepping on Manny Pacquiao's foot. Hmmmm... Is it intentional or not? This video will show how Marquez uses his trick.

Games Played on My Lenovo G475 Laptop

Just an overview of games played on my Lenovo G475 laptop. I will show you videos on how the games are performing on this laptop.

Samsung Galaxy Y Specifications and Price in Philippines

Samsung Galaxy "Y"or Young is one of the cheap android phones in the market. Unlike others, this Galaxy Y is more smaller but it is more handy because it is still a android phone where you can install allot of applications that can be downloaded.

Watch Pacquiao and Marquez III on November 13 2011

I just missed the registration for Pacquiao vs Marquez III on PLDT watchpad because only plan users 1995php and 3000php are allowed to watch it free without registration while the plans below 1995php need to register before they can watch the fight.

How to Get/Download Openkore and its Basic Configurations

In this post, I will guide you how to download the latest ragnarok openkore for renewal and its basic configurations. All the download links will given here are from the original website of Openkore so you don't have to worry about keylogger because some people creates a macro keylogger plugin for Openkore bot.

Hexed/Dual Client for Philippine Ragnarok Online(For Valkyrie, Valhalla, and New Loki servers)

I just recently again played pRO Valkyrie last week because I already figured it out how to properly use the openkore BOT program for Ragnarok online. So while surfing the net and looking for tips, I saw this page on facebook "Botter ako, paramihan tayo?(BAPT)"  where they help other filipino pRO botters out there on how to use the bot and the page "Ragnarok Valkyrie Server(RVS)" where they also help and a market place for pRO valkyrie players. The admin of this page hexed the client and spread it out to other players.

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