College Life!

Only two weeks remaining and my new life will start. The collage life. I'm so excited about this but I'm more nervous because I don't have idea what will happen on my college life. I should not really think so hard about this because I know it will go smoothly.

June 9, 2011 is the start of my first class. I'm ready going to school now because I already bought and prepared the things I needed and I see the big difference between college and high school because in college, you don't need to bring lots of big heavy books every day.

I'm taking up the course BS Computer Science at Colegio de San Juan de Letran. I heard that Letran is a great school here in laguna so I decided to choose this school for my college and because its not too far away from our home and I think that Letran will do their best to educate students like me.

I finished my high school at Don Bosco College Canlubang and I had my 4 most memorable years of my life in Don Bosco. Here I developed lots of skills, and make a lot of friends. Just an info, Don Bosco is an exclusive all boys school.

I wish that the professor's in my subject will be good so that I won't be nervous when reciting or submitting requirements to them because I'm really afraid of teachers/professors that are freakish.

I know that it will be possible for me to get high grades if I just study and not to be like the attitude when I'm still in high school that I didn't study at all and just play computer games so every exam I do, I get low scores but I already knew it, I can make an great score when I study.


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