Hexed/Dual Client for Philippine Ragnarok Online(For Valkyrie, Valhalla, and New Loki servers)

I just recently again played pRO Valkyrie last week because I already figured it out how to properly use the openkore BOT program for Ragnarok online. So while surfing the net and looking for tips, I saw this page on facebook "Botter ako, paramihan tayo?(BAPT)"  where they help other filipino pRO botters out there on how to use the bot and the page "Ragnarok Valkyrie Server(RVS)" where they also help and a market place for pRO valkyrie players. The admin of this page hexed the client and spread it out to other players.

I give credit to the page "Botter ako, paramihan tayo" especially admin ANZEI who created this. This is the note in the page "Botter ako, paramihan tayo?", so I'm not responsible if your character/account got banned or hacked. For me I just want to help out other players.

I use this hexed client to send my items and zeny to my other account, to warp my character, to vend items, to manual leveling while a priest is a bot that follows and buff me up.

How to install the hexed client??
1. Download the hexed client by clicking here. The file contains this items:
  • xivi32 - Hex Editor
  • client.exe - hexed client
  • unpacked-client.exe - unhexed client (in-case you need the original exe)
  • Hexing procedure - A text guide on how to hex your client.
  • readme(BAPT) - Credits
2. Extract all the files you download.

     a. Back-up first your original exe by renaming then adding .bak before doing anything else so you have the original copy of the exe. (Ex: valexe.bak or valexe.exe.bak)

b. Patch first your valkyrie, Valhalla, New Loki patcher so the hexed client will not be changed.

3. after extracting, rename the client.exe to the server you are playing.

     a. for Valkyrie server rename as valexe.exe
     b. for Valhala server rename as valhexe.exe
     c. for New Loki server rename as lokiexe.exe

4. Copy the hexed client to your Ragnarok Online folder.

5. Test your client by opening the patcher and clicking the start game.


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