Get Paid by Answering Captcha Images for Free

Recently, I registered in this site because I find this interesting and I think I can have some income with this. Of course I and others who will register here need to be hard-working and has passion to this.
It is for free! Doesn't ask for any credit card numbers! So try it out, you may like it!
In this simple work you need to take some time. Maybe you can do this when you have nothing to do.

Rates per images are here:

How to register:

1. To register, go to then click on register.

2. Upon registration, you need to type invitation codes. You can use any of the three codes here:

1.) IOU

2.) IOT

3.) IOS

3. choose what type of payment you want to use.

4. After you register, you can already start typing captcha images and make money right away!

Try it now! It is 100% Free


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