Japanese Star Maria Ozawa Staying in the Philippines? Real or Not?

Maria Ozawa is on of the most popular japanese porn star on earth especially here in the Philippines(LOL). So many guys like her because she's hot and beautiful.

Just recently(December 22, 2011), Maria post status in her facebook page saying "hello philippines". Many filipino people may think that Maria is here in the Philippines so the rumors was created.

I just saw this rumors spreading on facebook but the reality is maria ozawa is not really in the Philippines, but she wants to make a film with filipino guys. Auditions to her next film may start this january as said in the post by ABS-CBN.

She dosen't really announced in that in her page, blog, or website that she's in the Philippines right now, but she just greet the Philippines.
So the rumors that Maria is here in the Philippines is not true but the next film she'll make will be here in the Philippines, it was posted on ABS-CBN website that Maria Ozawa want Filipino guy on her next film.

The pictures spreading on facebook is not really in the Philippines and it was taken in Indonesia(Photos below).

Source: http://dewi-cintaku.blogspot.com/2010/12/foto-foto-cantik-miyabi-di-film-hantu_01.html


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