Facebook Chat's Cool Tricky Emoticons

Someone in my facebook shared this cool custom face emoticons for facebook chat. At first I don't believe but when I try, It really works!

I just figure it how this emoticons work, the number inside the braces are facebook id. so if you type your facebok id inside the braces( [[fbid]] ), it will show your profile picture. So the numbers below are only facebook id pages and there is no secret trick at all.

Open your notepad or any text editor and save this codes:
[[171108522930776]] - Trollface 
[[164413893600463]] - Me Gusta 
[[218595638164996]] - Bitch please
[[189637151067601]] - LOL 
[[129627277060203]] - Poker face 
[[227644903931785]] - Forever Alone 
[[100002752520227]] - Okay.. 
[[105387672833401]] - Fuck Ya
[[100002727365206]] - Challenge Accepted 
[[224812970902314]] - Fuck..


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