Goodbye Megaupload: U.S. Officials Shuts Down Megaupload

Just today, I've read an article about the Megaupload shuts down and on that post, they said that megaupload, one of the best file-sharing sites in the world, was shut down by the US officials because of $500 Million of copyright contents.

Megaupload is a Hong Kong based company by Swizz Beatz. Before the down of megaupload, the CEO stated:
“The fact is that the vast majority of Mega’s Internet traffic is legitimate, and we are here to stay. If the content industry would like to take advantage of our popularity, we are happy to enter into a dialogue. We have some good ideas. Please get in touch,” the statement said.

Because of the fact that megaupload users can upload almost anything in related to computer, softwares, movies, music, etc..., companies who owned products that are being pirated, the companies are losing their incomes.

Megaupload shuts down yesterday,January 19 2012, Thursday, and it was done by the US officials.

For me, I think it is a big disaster to other people especially computer and internet enthusiast because this is a file-sharing website. We can get pirated softwares instead of buying them. Like me, my thinking is: will you buy an excellent anti-virus software if you can download it for free in the internet? Of cou But sometimes we should realize that piracy is like a crime. It is like stealing others work.


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