10 Funny Facebook Facts

Here are some funny facebook facts from the blog Social Mixer and summarized by Stumblerz blog

1. 60+% of people online use Facebook to stalk their ex! Now are you one of them?
2. Close to a billion photos uploaded on Facebook every month! I’m sure many of these pictures are taken just to post on Facebook.
3. More than 300 million active users on Facebook! You’re not alone!
4. 30+ million profiles have their status messages updated at least once every day. Here’s a link to some funny facebook status messages.
5. 70% of college students on Facebook log in every single day, that’s no surprise now, is it?
6. Facebook deletes accounts of mothers or anyone who posts pictures of breastfeeding. So you want to be careful now about the pics you think of putting up!
7. Facebook deletes accounts with strange sounding names like “Leboe”, “Allien”, etc. Guess it’s do with their policy of not allowing fake accounts and them thinking these are not valid names?
8. There’s something known as a Facebook Addiction Disorder (FAD)! Wonder how many of you suffer from that?
9. Founder of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, is the world’s youngest billionaire! Mark’s surely made money off all of us.
10. Syria has banned Facebook (it’s a country [for those that don't know]), apparently to prevent an uprising of sorts by people getting together.
11. Facebook has ruined the careers of many a politician. More details about the political facebook scandals can be found here.


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