How to Create Favicon in Photoshop

I already made a tutorial on how to change the bloggers favicon into your own favicon. So now, how will you make your own favicon. This is just very easy if you read the steps carefully. Favicon also makes your blog more beautiful.
Anyways if you have no time to create an favicon, there are some site where you can download favicon then just upload it. You can download here a bunch of pretty cool favicons and animated favicons.

Now for your own custom favicon just follow this simple steps:


1. Open your photoshop then file>new. Your settings should be like this(Width: 64 Height:64):

We use first 64 x 64 so it won't be so hard editing. because if you already make it 16x16 you'll probably have a hard time.
2. On your keyboard click on ctrl + + to zoom the image so you can see it clearly. Zoom it until you're already satisfied.

3. Now put an image, letters, or numbers into your favicon. It's already up to you what favicon design you want to make.

4. Now when you are done editing, resize your image to 16 x 16 by going to image>Image size. Make the height and width 16 x 16.

5. Now save the file by file>save. then name your favicon to whatever you want(ex: my_favicon.ico). Don't forget to add .ico in your name. In the format choose .jpeg.

You're all done! Your cool favicon now is ready to use. To add this to blogger, read my tutorial on how to change blogger's default favicon.


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