Pinoy Made Social Networking Site: Prendstah

We all know that facebook already grow so fast, and the filipino's favorite social networking site, friendster already gone down. Because as time goes on, friendster users are amused to facebook's applications, games, built-in chat, and other features so they migrated to facebook and leave friendster behind. Now I found this great Pinoy made social networking site. The developers are from Xavier University - Ateneo de Cagayan and also they are the developers of Zäbyër Community(Xavier University Community).

I registered here and try it, I think its like a combination of the facebook and the friendster. There are status like facebook, testimonials like friendster, the layout like facebook, chat like facebook. I don't explore everything yet but I think this will be soon a big community for filipino users and maybe world-wide.

There are still some features that Prendstah have. Like the express button that is really funny, so many opitions like, kiss, hug, like, super like, dislike, and more.

Overall, everything is okay but we're still unsure about the protection but its still in beta test, we can still expect an good service and protection from them.

Here are some screenshots.
The News Feed Wall:

The Profile Wall:


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